Alex Ciccimarro

Alex "The Bald God" Ciccimarro is a close friend of the family and has a multitude of jobs in this industry. His work as a producer for Shade45's Toca Tuesday and Showoff Radio is so incredibly snoozed (both great shows), and his work on is quality to say the least. Overall, Alex does not disappoint and has done his research.

#5 Young Thug – 1017 Thug


Ok, at this point in time this project isn’t slept on anymore. By SXSW ’14, every hipster douchebag is going to say they’ve been up on Thug. But for most of 2013 you guys didn’t care about Thugger Thugger and that’s sad. Make sure you’re familiar with 2 Cups Stuffed and Nigeria so you can pretend like you’ve been a fan since day 1.



#4 Jai Paul – Jai Paul

A lot of people are aware of who Jai Paul is, but this album is under the radar as fuck. Rumor has it someone broke into his studio, stole the album, and put it out for sale. I illegally downloaded the illegally sold album and it’s incredible. Track 2 is the jam.

#3 Johnny Cinco – Cinco (Remastered)

I remember my boy Meezy tweeting about They Gave The Wrong Young N-Word Money the day it broke in the ATL strip clubs. He sent it to me the next day. I’ve been a fan ever since. Sak Religious is also pretty hard too. Cinco will probably have a pretty dope 2014.



#2 Nickelus F – Vices

Nick’s been family for a while. He was definitely quiet last year, even with all that music coming out. One little Drake verse came along and changed all that. More importantly, the project as a whole is dope as fuck. A Bird, Jet Fuel, and Tanqueray are all dope. And he made all the beats too.



#1 Key! – Fathers Are The Curse


Yes this is biased. I don’t care. Key! hands down had the most slept on project of the year, cause it’s top 5 projects this year. You’re lame if you disagree. Recoup is a hit. Pay That Price is a hit. Guess Who been a hit. Face the facts.