Cole Frayer

Cole Frayer writes for OnSmash but also has a great book out called  “Trial and Error”. that tells his personal narrative of love, loss, family, and success. Cole is a Michigan native and thus you see some midwest ties in his choices but still there are some solid looks in here. Check them out below.

Joey Fatts – Chipper Jones Vol. 2


The Long Beach rapper returned with Volume 2 of his Chipper Jones series and with records like “Lindo” “211″ and “Everything A Go”, you could see why this is my favorite project of the year that’s been slept on. Joey Fatts brings a “gangsta-rap” vibe to the table but with his Long Beach roots you can very much feel the west coast feel. I’ll be checking for anything Joey does in 2014.


Boldy James & The Alchemist – My 1st Chemistry Set

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Some of you may see this and think, “I saw the blogs post this, it’s not slept on.” Which may be true, but this album could have and should have been talked about with some of the top-tier albums out this year. Boldy James being the next thing from Detroit, supplied with beats from the one and only Alchemist, this project was destined to be one of the best. While many of you got hip to Boldy James with “My 1st…”, don’t forget about this album with your end of year playlist.

Johnny Rain – L.O.M.

johnnyrain-lomI was put onto Johnny Rain early in the year thanks to the homie Walker at OnSmash and been rockin’ with him ever since. No project sounds like “L.O.M.” sounds this year. Production is A+ and Johnny fits perfect in the pocket of each record. “Porn In My Rearview” “twisted high” and “LLWH” are the best examples of that from the project and while you could certainly compare his sound to a few artists, nobody is making the kinds of music Johnny did on “L.O.M.” and his latest project “Villain”.


Black Milk “No Poison, No Paradise”


Growing up in Detroit, I always knew of Black Milk for taking his time with projects and giving quality of quantity. While his projects sometimes manage to somehow get slept on a decent amount for whatever reason, one listen usually changes people’s mind. He could be considered an OG in the game while he’s still relatively young and his growth has been phenomenal. “Sunday’s Best” and “Monday’s Worst” are easily the standouts from the album, but records like “Perfected On Puritan Ave.” and “Parallels” shouldn’t be slept on either. Check out “No Poison, No Paradise” if you’re looking for some really soulful rap.


Lucki Eck$ – Alternative Trap


With the majority of music that has come from Chicago this year, Lucki Eck$ separated himself not only from the rest in Chicago, but hip-hop in general. “Alternative Trap” was hand down one of my favorites from the year and I knew it once I heard “Count On Me”. A bit of an “experimental” sound, Lucki still raps about the same struggles of a Chi-Town resident and offers a new perspective from the rest. I strongly recommend downloading this if you have an open mind with music.