Thelonious Martin

The hardest working man in entertainment could have taking some cues from Thelo because he surpassed any expectations that we had in his work ethic. Normally this type of character trait is only said about rappers who can't rap or producers who are mediocre but we say "oh but they have great work ethic", yet here there is a sheer difference. Talent met hard work and gave birth to Thelonious Martin.

Thelonious Martin – From Me To You

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Sometimes instrumental or producer based projects get over looked, but every song on here is solid, from the beats to songs, perfect for riding in the whip no matter the weather


Curren$y & Young Roddy – Bales

Curren$y always comes correct, so much that his fans may not be able to catch up with it all, Bales was a great project, i even had production on there


Curren$y – New Jet City

NEWJETCITY_COVER_FINALI got four joints on there, don’t sleep, those songs still bang!

Vic Mensa – Innanetape

INNANETfrontDon’t let all the bang bang stuff fool you, Chicago has got the juice, and Vic is a prime example.


Nickelus F & Ohbliv – Yellow Gold 2


Ohbliv on the boards is reason enough, every track is nasty!